Penguin Proceeds To Tokyo
Kanji 上京ペンギン
Romaji Joukyou Pengin
Air Date
Air Date April 2, 2007
Opening None
Ending Yuukyuu no Tabibito~Dear Boy
Insert Songs None
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Penguin Proceeds To Tokyo (上京ペンギン) is the premiere episode of Idolmaster: Xenoglossia. It aired on April 2, 2016.


It is Restoration Year 107. Ten years have passed since the destruction of the moon, an event called Lost Artemis...

Haruka Amami was able to successfully pass the iDOL M@STER Project audition despite her anxiety, and journeys off to Tokyo alone with nothing more than a bag of clothes and a mysterious piece of jewelry that came with her acceptance letter. After learning that her friend Yayoi Takatsuki can no longer pick her up from the station, Haruka meets another girl who was also accepted in the project, Yukiho Hagiwara. Despite it being the first time in Tokyo for the both of them, the two try to find the dormitory where members of the iDOL M@STER Project reside. As the girls wander, the meteorite removal group, Team Mondenkind, are tasked with a mission and send out an iDOL from one of the closed hangars.

Haruka and Yukiho managed to get to the coast of Tokyo where they are able to see the remnants of the meteor in the form of a beautiful meteor shower, which are called Drops. As the two talk, a mysterious child appears and kidnaps Haruka. As Haruka struggles, an iDOL erupts out of the ocean and saves her!

Main Staff

  • Screenplay Writer: Jukki Hanada
  • Storyboard: Tatsuyuki Nagai
  • Episode Directors: Manabu Ono and Seiki Takuno
  • Character Animation Director: Hiroshi Takeuchi
  • Mechanical Animation Director: Ken Ootsuka